They say nostalgia’s a bitch
But isn’t it more sad when you don’t have
anything to be nostalgic for?
When you only wish to see your own corpse.

They say memories are forever
But more than a blessing
isn’t it just a curse in disguise?
Holding you down, keeping you paralyzed.

They say friends are life
But doesn’t it hurt when you’re just a third wheel
and the fact that you’re lonely has to be concealed.

They say love is like being at home
But what to do when you made your home in someone’s heart
and they just decide to tear it apart.

Tell me how to survive when you’re homeless
and have no one to care for you
Wanting to erase everything from your mind except a certain few
All your life is just a prayer for it to end, and you are
nostalgic about being nostalgic.


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