Left Out

Alone in a room full of people
Lonely in a mass of known faces
Always feeling inferior and feeble
Left out in all of the cases.

Trying to fit in, losing my individuality
Becoming a person I never wished to be.
Full of insecurities and devoid of love
Hoping against odds for someone to like me, not use me as a glove

You need to love yourself first, they say
How am I supposed to keep loving myself when y’all keep me at bay.
Starting afresh is meaningless when you are bound to your past
Just like stopping these tears is when you pour out your heart.

It hurts when the people you care about
Don’t even acknowledge your absence
You never cross their thoughts
So tell me, being desolate is not what you do when neglected.

You are screaming in the void, everyone stares but no one listens
Weak and helpless is all you are, when you feel your tears glisten.
Wanting to be accepted, is it too much to ask?
Knowing and putting myself in your place, it does seem like a really hideous task.


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