HELlo, i am haPpy. i aM finE.

They will not tell you they are depressed
They’re gonna muffle those screams in their chest.
They will not cry out for help
Rather they’ll suppress the things that they felt.

They know you won’t understand
How can you when they don’t understand it either?
But it won’t stop them thinking you might grab their hand
Because seeing a ray of light is better than being a darkness fighter.

We may not speak out our heart
But our state of mind is reflected in our art
We would harm ourselves to be able to cope
Living in the darkness yet not losing hope.

Our thoughts our anxieties are tearing us apart
We still put up a smile and try to do our part
Dragging ourselves out of bed every single day
Looking for love or motivation that’ll help us stay.

Losing interest in the things I used to love
Staying home, never talking too much
One day it will be enough and I might decide I have to leave
No one cares when I’m here, no one will care when I’m gone I believe.

I will not tell you I’m depressed
I am gonna muffle those screams in my chest.
I may not reach out for help
I will try to be as whole as I can, until the very end.


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