Needs and Wants.

The difference between the two is simple
Since we are human with never ending wishes
Need is something essential
Wants are basically fickle.

Like, I want you to love me the way I love you
But all I need is for you to never bid adieu.
I want you to hug me like there is no tomorrow
I need you to complete me like pizza is completed by oregano.

Sometimes it so happens, that what you want and what you need is the same
Nothing makes sense and it drives you insane
The rational & practical mind is overpowered by emotion
It is then when your life stops its motion.

You feel trapped and stagnant
Hit with the realization that the world is pregnant
With all the emotions you don’t think you can express
That is why people like me bleed with a pen when they begin to feel things they can’t suppress.


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