Best Friend

Who doesn’t need a best friend
to share all your secrets with.
Someone who could support you
and walk with you through the labyrinth.

But you just don’t go around,
calling everyone your best friend right?
They are meant to be special,
meant to be your flashlight.

A person who knows your flaws
and choose to be there nevertheless.
Maybe someone like Santa Claus?
Waiting to surprise you with unknown happiness.

Santa doesn’t exist
and similarly don’t they.
If you have a best friend
never keep them at bay.

I wish I had someone like that
in my stupid and pathetic life.
Someone who might give purpose
or just hold a torch of light.

There is someone I have known the longest
Someone who I know the most
Another one with whom I’m in love with
But it’s not what it seems on the whole.

I’m never someones’ priority
Always just another option
No one will ever choose me first
Unless they are fueled by their own selfish absorption

It hurts how easily I can be replaced,
how casually my trust misplaced.

But if you’ve found the gem
please promise me to keep them close,
because not everyone is as lucky
to call or be called a best friend, you know.



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