Should I let go?

Here I am tonight
Making myself write what is on my mind
Between the scratching of the pen and the voids
I can’t figure out what is right.

Why am I doubting myself again?
When I made the decision to go with the wind
It’s not the path I fear but the pain
Will my resolution go in vain?

I can’t deny that life is lonely
But staying might worsen the things only
Should I hold on to that ray of light?
Even if all it does is burn me tonight.

I am attracted like a moth to the flame
The fact that I would burn doesn’t drive me insane.
I can’t let go, not now not ever
Is it better than living a life full of regrets forever?


4 thoughts on “Should I let go?

  1. What a cool and relatable poem! I think that just because Love has a positive and happy connotation, doesn’t mean its always that way. Sure, pain can be debilitating, but I myself am curious to see what’s on the other side if I persevere through the suffering, will there be light again?


    1. Thank You! I myself am trying to find the answer to that question honestly. The thought that you’ll be surrounded by darkness is scary isn’t it? But I have figured that yes, there will be light. It will just be of a different wavelength, a different colour. It will make you feel a certain kind of way, but it will never be the same.


      1. I don’t know what situation you’re in, but I’m a very stubborn person who will go through extremes to get what I desire, even if it’s the feeling of pain and darkness. Good luck with everything.

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