Piece of my mind

We are all born on this planet,
which we consider as our home
Not knowing who we are,
or where we belong.

The only thing certain about life is
that it is gonna end one day.
Then why does it hurt so much,
when a loved one leaves this place?

The pain of separation, why is it too much to take?
When we all are just puppets, performing on a stage.

Why does the truth that you’ll never feel their warm hand again,
makes your eyes sting?
And you start finding something that would
numb your pain, the king.

How blissful it would be to not feel anything
No sadness, no joy, nothing.
Just to be in a state of rest,
where the mind is still and fresh.

However hard you try, it never happens, no;
There is a void which just refuses to go.
So you try to put a fake smile for the world you knew
because it will never be the same for you.


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